How Dirty Electricity Can Affect Your Electronics

Posted on: 24 April 2017

If you are having problems with your computer, then it could be dirty electricity. Your computer works by reading electronic impulses. Dirty electricity occurs when random pulses ride on your power wave. It causes your electricity to have different frequencies.  These random pulses enter your computer through its circuits, which results in your computer reading them as data. It is going to cause all kinds of performance issues for your computer.
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An Explanation Of 4 Modern Oil Drilling Methods

Posted on: 7 November 2014

Oil drilling is one of the most essential industries in the global economy. Ever since the first commercial oil well was drilled in 1859 in Venago County, Pennsylvania, technology has been advancing to make oil drilling safer and more efficient. Here is an explanation of four modern oil drilling methods that are in use today. Horizontal Drilling Horizontal drilling is a type of directional drilling that aims to access oil reserves with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.
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