How Dirty Electricity Can Affect Your Electronics

Posted on: 24 April 2017


If you are having problems with your computer, then it could be dirty electricity. Your computer works by reading electronic impulses. Dirty electricity occurs when random pulses ride on your power wave. It causes your electricity to have different frequencies.  These random pulses enter your computer through its circuits, which results in your computer reading them as data. It is going to cause all kinds of performance issues for your computer. Read on to find out how dirty electricity can affect your electronics and what to do about it.

How Is It Created?

Many modern electronic devices use Direct Current (DC) power. DC power is the unidirectional flow of electrons. It is the power source most often used for batteries and solar cells. Modern devices are made with switch-mode power supply (SMPS) converters that convert the electrical current from your wall outlets into the DC current power. SMPS converters can produce dirty power that is added to your electrical wires. You can find SMPS converters on surge protectors, large electronic devices and built into equipment.

How Does It Affect Electronic Devices?

Dirty electricity affects the performance of your electronics. For example, dirty electricity will have a huge effect on how your computer functions. Garbled letters and numbers may show up on your screen in a printout. Other signs may include losing files, skipping program steps, trouble with connecting while on the Internet and trouble with loading programs.

What To Do About It?

Some areas tend to have problems with dirty electricity. However, one way to remedy this issue is to talk to a solar company about helping you counter this problem.

Solar power is one of the ways to power your home to get cleaner electricity. It is energy that you get from the sun that is converted into electrical or thermal energy. This energy is one of the most abundant and cleanest renewable energy sources available. It gives you electrical power that is free of voltage drops and spikes.

If you want to change your house over to solar energy, then it helps to learn more about solar energy and electricity. It would help to have a professional energy company, such as New Hampshire Solar, to come out and evaluate your home. The quality of electricity is very important for your electronics to run efficiently. Changing over to clean energy also helps the environment and reduces your electrical bill.