Why Using A Propane Refill Station Is Better Than Exchanging Propane Tanks

Posted on: 14 December 2022


Whether you have an RV that uses propane, or you just use propane tanks to power your outdoor grill, you need a way to keep supplied in propane. A good way to do that is to use a propane refill station. Refilling tanks is usually much less expensive than exchanging them. Here's how to use a propane refill station and why it's better than exchanging tanks.

Why A Refill Is Better Than An Exchange

Propane tanks that you exchange are usually just one size. If you do a lot of grilling, you may need to exchange the tank frequently. Whatever propane you have left in the tank is lost since it goes with the tank when you exchange it.

You can buy a much larger tank and have it refilled at a filling station. The station may have a limit on the size, but you'll be able to get much more propane at a time and save on trips. Plus, any propane that's still in the tank stays in there, so you can top off a tank if you want rather than wait until it's empty.

A propane refill station charges by the gallon. You only pay for what you get, and you know exactly how much propane you'll have in the tank when it's full.

How A Propane Refill Station Works

Filling a propane tank is somewhat similar to getting gas at a gas station except propane isn't usually self-service. Instead, you'll take your tank or drive your RV to the filling station and ring a bell for service so an attendant can come out and fill the tank for you.

The attendant inspects the tank first to make sure it's suitable for filling. They won't be able to fill a tank that's damaged in any way or one that's expired. Your tank should have a sticker on it with the expiration date, so you'll want to keep track of that. The expiration date is for the tank itself and not the propane.

The attendant attaches the propane hose to your tank and fills it to the allowable limit, or they can put in a set amount that you request. You'll be charged by the gallon, and you'll see the price beforehand so you know what to expect. You can often pay at the pump for your convenience, so getting a tank refilled is not a bothersome process.

If you've never used a propane refill station before, you might think they're difficult to find. However, there are many stations around, and there is probably a convenient one near you.

Propane companies, farm stores, RV campgrounds, and a variety of other businesses have refill stations. Some have both refill and exchange services so you won't have any problem finding propane near your home or when you're on the road.