Are You Worried That Your Solar Panel Might Not Meet Your Energy Needs? 4 Tips To Enhance Solar System Effectively

Posted on: 14 October 2022


Solar systems help provide free energy for as long as the sun shines. However, effective solar maintenance is necessary to ensure you enjoy long-term benefits. You will be delighted to know the systems don't require complicated maintenance practices, but you need to do a few things to maximize its output. If you plan to install solar panels, below are tips to help maximize their performance. 

1. Routine Cleaning 

Over time, your panels accumulate dust and debris that can minimize the amount of power harnessed from the sun. You can tap all your system's potential by scheduling regular solar cleaning. The task might seem easy, but it's generally dangerous. Consider calling a solar company to eliminate debris and dust from the panels. Cleaning is also recommended in winter to avoid snow damage and accumulation on the panels. The technicians will find suitable methods to eliminate the debris and snow without damaging the glass. 

2. Eliminate Shade 

During installation, your contractor probably advised you to trim long branches or remove trees that extend over the roof. Shade blocks sunlight from reaching the panels, which could reduce energy production. Therefore, if you have elongated tree branches creating shade over the roof, consider trimming them. If this doesn't remove the shade, you can call a solar company to help move the panels to a better position. This may happen if the next building blocks your roof from receiving sufficient sunlight. 

3. Pay Attention to Your Inverters  

Your inverters help convert power from the panels into alternating current that runs through your circuits and home appliances. You should keep an eye on the LED lights on the inverter. If you notice anything unusual, this could indicate a problem with the device. If the lights switch off or change color, consider reporting it to the technician to get help. It's also important to check your solar batteries. You'll know they are faulty if you keep experiencing power outages. 

4. Record Your System's Performance 

When your installer comes for maintenance and cleaning, they'll ask a few questions about the solar panels and energy output. Having accurate records can help the expert analyze the performance of your system. You can also document the amount of power generated and notice any unusual signs displayed by the inverter or other system components. The records will come in handy, especially if you suspect the system isn't as efficient as before. 

Solar panels are pretty easy to use and maintain. If you avoid installing solar systems because you fear that the system might not meet your expectations, these tips can help you enhance your system's performance. Remember to work with reputable solar companies near you for installation and maintenance services.