Why Your Earthquake Kit Should Include A Solar Generator

Posted on: 29 May 2017


Being prepared for an earthquake is more important than ever. More areas in the United States are experiencing significant earthquakes than before, and the major fault lines are overdue for massive earthquakes. If you're putting together an earthquake kit, a solar generator should be on your list of tools to acquire. Read on to learn why a solar generator is so much more important than a traditional generator.

Gasoline is Scarce in a Crisis

Most generators run on gas or diesel, but fuel can be extremely difficult to get during a major crisis like an earthquake. At best, the lines will be extremely long, with many people attempting to get fuel. However, if the earthquake was severe enough to knock out power, that might not even be possible. Most gasoline stations rely upon automated computer systems these days, and don't have back-up systems designed to allow people to purchase fuel when the system is down.

If you're still not convinced, history proves it. The massive earthquake that struck Japan in 2011 resulted in major fuel shortages, leaving many stranded without gasoline.

Fuel-Based Generators Don't Last

Even if you have your generator filled to the brim ahead of time and extra fuel stored in your garage, that may not be enough. The Red Cross suggests that if you're going to be staying at home following a crisis, you'll need two weeks worth of supplies. Unfortunately, most fuel-based generators won't last anywhere near that long, even if you minimize your usage of them. Without additional fuel, you could be left without power for days or even weeks before power is restored to your area.

Solar Generator Advantages

Solar generators are able to supply energy for as long as the sun shines. In short, you can expect to get energy during the entire time that your electricity or gasoline is out following an earthquake.

In addition to simply lasting longer than a gasoline generator, there's also the added advantage of being able to bring your solar generator indoors. When nighttime hits and your generator can't collect any additional energy, you can bring it inside to continue providing energy. This isn't possible with fuel-based generators, since the fumes would be toxic if brought indoors.

Generators are powerful tools to have during a major disaster, like following a serious earthquake. While any generator can provide benefits, solar generators are simply superior to the old-fashioned gasoline generators. Consider adding a solar generator to your earthquake kit to stay safe during the next major disaster.

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